Tuesday, July 5, 2016


The last few months have been busy. Between work and family, I have 0 time to write anymore. I may turn this into a photography blog, since I keep taking pictures. Here goes.....
Had our 12th wedding anniversary on June 16th. HHH re-proposed to me on a romantic yatch ride. It was awesome and totally took me by surprise!
Went to the luau at Disney's Polynesian Resort. It was great. I look naked because you can't see my top behind HHH. 
Stayed at Disney for the weekend of our anniversary and got made fun of by a Jawa 
I guess it could have been worse.... it could have been one of the Sand People.
I turned 44 on July 2nd. I like to say I'm twice as fun as  two 22 year Olds.  Made my own cake too! I saw it on Pinterest and had to have it. Bonus: I really nailed the look. It wasn't a candidate for the Pinterest Fail blog!

And that's about it. Still working my ass off. Still having fun. Still #RunFatGirlRun .

Keep on running!

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