Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Yeah yeah.... I have been totally MIA for another month! So much happening. So. Much. I'm heading down the home stretch for my half marathon. I have been running at a decent pace, doing my stretches and generally training when I can between work and family. Work has been haywire ever since the new girl quit. The boss asked her not to smoke at the houses any more because they're having a baby. Not an outlandish request, but she apparently went all postal about it and it's back to 3 of us. I  have been working a lot. Tons of shit to do in the Taj Mahal  that is a real shit hole. The builder used bad vendors, shoddy supplies, and flimsy building practices. That house is full of mold, leaks, rot, and bugs. It's only 2 years old. At least now I know why my allergies got whack nut when ever I work over there. Add to all that HHH starting a new job, Eldest finishing up her first year of college, and the end of Mo's court case and wow. 2016 is off to a heallacious start!

I'm also doing photography again. It calms me.