Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Most Decidedly Not Wonderful

Back to school. All the memes say it's the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year", but is it really? Maybe if you have elementary school aged kids it's great.... more free time, the ability to get stuff done around the house or even the chance to get a part time job, but when you have middle & high school kids, the power shifts.

My kids went back today. I spent a huge amount of time getting them their bts diabetes stuff filled out and such. The clothes shopping took up a day or so. The supply shopping took even more time, but that's not all....

After the kids arrived home, we were then assaulted with the "extras". $20 for gym uniforms x 2 kids. $20 for a new scrub uniform for Mo's early child development class. $110 for a choral uniform. The club dues should start coming in next. 

Lunch supplies, gas, time, energy.... it all adds up, and we as parents are supposed to shoulder this every year. Our wallets are hemorrhaging money, and the feeling is most decidedly NOT wonderful.

What is your dollar total per kid this year? I'm already into mine for at least $500 each so far! 

Friday, August 7, 2015

No Good Deed.....

See that?

That is a hinkey piece of work, right there. Let me fill you in....

Yesterday I had to work from 11:30am to 7:30pm. Closing shift.  HHH & I had been shopping the day before, but we shop in 2 parts: Bulk shopping where we get large quantities of meats, breads, etc... and I part it all out into usable  portions and freeze it, and small quantity shopping, where we hit up Wall to Wall Mart, Tar-jay, and Aldi for the smaller stuff and non freezable things like eggs, milk, sugar, etc..... We did the Bulk run, but still had to do the small run. HHH worked till 6pm and the kids were lazy, so I offered to get dinner on my way home.

While trying to decide what to get, I saw a post from HHH on FB that said he wanted alcohol and Krispy Kreme. I commented about where we kept the alcohol, and I planned to bring him Krispy Kreme as a surprise.

I had dinner procured and I drove to the local KK. I was in drive thru and ordered 2 dozen. I got to the window and handed the girl my card. She slid it through the register, and said it didn't go through. She explained her card reader wasn't operating correctly and then hand punched in the number. She said it didn't go through again and tried one last time. Nope. I have instant banking so I got on my phone and pulled up my account.

It said I had $0.00!!


I was fuming. Who drew money out of my account? Apparently Krispy Kreme did.

As illustrated above, they DID charge me for my order. That's the $18.28 charge. The next one for $12.96?? I have NO IDEA why that's there. It got reversed, but then instantly recharged. WTF??

The manager said "It's ok. This has happened several times and by midnight it will reverse. Here's your order for free. We are sorry to have troubled you."

Uh... no, dude. Those doughnuts aren't free. THEY COST ME $31.00!!!!!!

So now I have to go back to the store, show them a print out of my account, and show where I haven't gotten my $12.96 back, because that's all they really owe me since I insist on paying for the 2 dozen doughnuts I drove away with.

No good deed goes unpunished, eh?

UPDATE: Took my print out to the Krispy Kreme store and the manager refunded me my $12.96 in cash. He even remembered I wanted to buy the doughnuts for HHH. I did not see the girl who "helped" me last night, so I'm thinking she may have been running a scam. Either or, next time I'll go with cash.