Tuesday, June 2, 2015


My bosses are back from their week long jaunt to Hawaii. It's good that they are back because the animals were getting out of hand. Almost every single one of the animals are rescued, so they have baggage. Sometimes that baggage includes anxiety about being left alone for good. Mystery was returned twice from the shelter that adopted her out. To this day, if we have to put her in the cat carrier to go to the vet, she becomes so scared she'll be "returned" she pees and poops herself before we even get out the door! Sport will start to freak out if his schedule is even marginally disrupted. He had his bath on Friday instead of Tuesday last week, and he was a nervous wreck all week.

Long story short, 5 minutes before Boss Lady was going to walk in the door.....


Yes, Marshmallow Fluff peed on the bed. She has been angry all week. I had to bust my ass to get the bed stripped, pee cleaned up, bed remade, and then rush out to help Boss Lady unload her 25 bags from the car service. On my broken foot. While tripping on my boot! Add coworker #2 freaking out and I was done with this day at 10am.

Only bright spot was when I picked up Bluebell and Sport from their grooming.

Bluebell took a selfie with me at a stoplight.

Well, tomorrow is another day.... hopefully a better day!

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