Monday, June 15, 2015


It's no secret 11 figures heavily into our family. HHH wore it when he played football. I wore it for roller derby. Mo wore 5.5 (eleven divided by 2) when she played derby. It has always hung around, so it's no surprise that our 11th wedding anniversary would be important. 

HHH had this little surprise waiting for me when we got to the room in Port Orleans: French Quarter. Beautiful flowers, a box of chocolates that was made of  chocolate, and a photo from Mickey and Minnie. It smelled heavenly!

On Saturday, we hit up Animal kingdom. The Dinosaur ride almost re-broke my foot THROUGH the boot I was wearing! Seems Disney really souped up that ride!

After that ride, we decided to put off Kali River Rapids so my boot wouldn't get wet. I had gotten Tramadol from my ortho on Friday, so after one of those and a glass of sangria, I was a-ok! We hit up our other fast pass of the Safari ride and went back to the hotel to shower. (It is 90+ degrees in Florida this time of year!)

We then hit up Epcot because we had reservations for dinner at Le Cellier in the Canada pavilion. It was an amazing meal, as always with the only detractor being we had a poor waiter serving us. He couldn't remember squat of our order, wine selection,.... nothing.

So after all that, we spent some time at the Magic Kingdom on Sunday. It was off to Downtown Disney after that and then back home. All in all, a great weekend! 

I love you honey!! 11 (16) down, a bajillion more to go!!

Tater Tots!

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