Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Thankful, Yet Vengeful!

Yesterday my daughter Mo was hit by a car while walking home from school.

  • She was using the sidewalk
  • She had pressed the crosswalk signal.
  • She only crossed into the street when she had the signal.

That piece of shit above ran down my daughter. 

  • He ignored that she had the crosswalk light.
  • He did not stop before turning right on red.
  • He did not stop after he hit her, but instead, drove off.

I got a phone call right as I was leaving work. My daughter was crying, and she was in pain. She was scared. I want to thank the man who did stop after he witnessed the accident. He was on his way to work at Winn Dixie, but stopped and helped my daughter out of the street, called 911, and stayed with her till I got there. I blew 60 down a road that's normally 35. 

After a trip to the hospital and x-rays of Mo's entire left leg, we left the ER with crutches, a strain, and possibly a sprained ankle. I am grateful that that was all there was. I have seen how things could have been much, much worse. 

About 3 hours later, the investigating detective came by the house and let us know they caught the asshole who hit Mo. It turns out he is a career criminal who has a mile long rap sheet with charges that are all over the criminal spectrum. I am incensed this piece of shit was out in public with all his numerous charges! He has a Driving While License Revoked charge from last year so he may not even have a license! He better be damn glad the cops found him first! Both HHH & I had a volunteer posse ready to hunt him down!

Now, I'm just so grateful Mo is ok. She is sore. She is stiff. She is using crutches. She is alive!

That will make my Mother's Day all the sweeter!

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