Thursday, May 28, 2015


I am 42 years old. I once roller skated well enough that I could do single jumps, spins, and artistic stuff. In my 30's I took up roller derby and accomplished amazing feats of skill! Now I run races for myself and for charity. All of that uses balance. I stay upright and on both feet. I can skate backward, forward, sideways, and in loops! I can cut and juke. I can run with 7 dogs all leashed up, AND pick up their excrement.

I can also totally disregard the last step on the staircase at our temporary apartment building, try to walk on air, and break my left foot.

Yeah. I broke my foot at 6am Tuesday morning. Wasn't sure if I had broken it at that time, so I went to work. I arrived at the conclusion that I broke my foot as I exited my car and felt a pain that was foreign to me. I worked 11 hours yesterday before I was able to get to the ER. I completed my job. I only stopped to elevate my foot and ice it after I completed a block of work. Of course my work babies were worried. Sport is very fond of our runs.

I was pleasant. I was polite. NO ONE WOULD HELP ME! The ortho the ER referred me too didn't have an opening for 10+ days. I started calling around for another ortho. NO ONE WOULD HELP ME! My insurance company's website was woefully, WOEFULLY out of date, even though they had a big, flashing UPDATED next to the ledger. 3 out of 5 offices I called said they didn't work with my insurance anymore. The ONE office I found that did said I just had to get a referral from my PCP. OK, no biggie..... except it was.


So now I was trying to find a new PCP so I could get a referral for the ortho. NO ONE WOULD HELP ME! All the offices I called trying to find a new PCP had no openings for 3 weeks. THREE WEEKS! Finally, dejected and broken, I called my insurance company for the fourth time and while crying, begged the woman on the other end to help me. I don't know if it was the abject defeat in my voice, of the anger, but she put me on hold and called around till she found a PCP that would see me immediately. I was so relieved!.

I don't know if anyone else has gone through this, but lemme tell you, our healthcare system in still in a shambles. NOTHING was fixed with this "O-Care" mess. So now I get a cast tomorrow then in 6 to 8 weeks, I am back training for the Avenger's Half.

Oh, and btw... my broken foot that the first receptionist said was ok to walk around on for 10+ days? NOW LOOKS LIKE THIS AFTER ONLY 3 DAYS!!!!

Ok to walk around on it , MY ASS!

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Cathy McArthur said...

That's terrible. Maybe it would help if there was a standard "state" insurance? Kinda like what we have here in Canada. I live in Ontario and every province has their own health insurance program. It would eliminate the horror show you've had to go through to get medical treatment. I couldn't imagine being in so much pain and no one willing to see you due to insurance crapola. I think universal health care should be a basic right of all people, especially in developed countries. I don't pretend to know the politics involved but really a standard insurance would take the stress out of even visiting the doctor for a check up.