Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Princess Half Marathon:
NICOLE WETHERINGTON at the Finish in 3:15:08.
Pace 14:54 min/Mile.


I was under my goal of 5 minutes/mile. 
I was the only Agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. 
The photogs got some decent photos of me!

Now on to the next challenge,,, To do the Avengers Half Marathon at Disneyland so I can get a Coast to Coast medal!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

4 Days

I am gonna be running my ass off in 4 days for little kids with brain cancer! I am so freaking nervous. I did 10 miles back in October, but this? 13.1?? Scares me shitless! Thanks to work, family, and weather I haven't been able to train as much these last two weeks. I'm hoping that doesn't hurt me come Sunday. Pacing is 16 minutes/mile, and I am consistently under 14 minutes/mile. I'm bringing energy chews so I don't almost run out of gas at mile 7, (my big problem with the 10 miler). There's also a food station on course during this race along with the water and med stations. If I get tired, I'll repeat to myself, "Do it for the kids! Do it for the kids! DO IT FOR THE KIDS", because I'm running for the Noah's Light Foundation again. Sure, it's cheaper to just buy my way into the race, but this way? I pay back some of the good karma I have received over the years! It would be another medal on my wall, another test of my will, and another bucket list item knocked off the list! I wish the medals weren't styled in Frozen chic. I am sincerely tiring of that movie!

Oh, and I'm not doing a princess cosplay either. I'm going as an Agent of SHIELD, namely Agent May. (If only the hair dresser had gotten the color right!)

She totally counts as a princess because Ming Na was the speaking voice for Mulan!! 

Ok, enough whining for now. Time to hit the hay and get enough sleep so I can put in a mile or two tomorrow!!

Friday, February 13, 2015


I have to work on Valentine's Day. Bummer right? Oh no. we had a whole day planned for 2/13. 

And then..... 

Kid #1 forgot their glucometer.
No biggie right? Right. We dropped that off at the school and boom. Moving on.
That meant a day at the Magic Kingdom with my honey, sans kids. Whoo hoo.


After our second fast pass the middle school called to tell us Junior forgot to mention he needed more insulin that morning. Trip over even before we made it to lunch. Time to get back in the car.

 My new (to me) car, a white VW Rabbit

 The Cheshire Cat antenna fob. LOL, get it?

The King Cake I ordered on Wednesday! Yum!!

 I drank 2 of these at dinner to settle my nerves. Why, you ask???

As we were driving back to get my son's insulin we ran into this accident on I-4. It was horrible looking. The car that hit the semi tractor trailer was almost unrecognizable. I always chant "Please be ok." when ever we pass by an accident, but this time it was too late. The body of the car driver was laid out next to the wreck, covered in a sheet. I cried. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but I cried for a complete stranger. There has been 2 times in the past where that could have been HHH when he had a seizure behind the wheel. Sadder still was someone getting a knock on their door with the horrific news that their loved one was gone. That thought made me cry more.

So there ya go. Friday the 13 totally harshed my Valentine's Day, but I hugged my husband and kids hard. You never know when that knock will come.

Hug your tribe, people. Hug them.