Friday, January 30, 2015


So I got food poisoning from some BBQ I had for dinner Wednesday night. Thursday was excruciating. Everything was coming out the basement, andnot the attic, so I knew it wasn't the flu. Still, I am so worn out from it. I have to finish up working Friday and then I can die all weekend. I plan to do just that.

I was 187lbs yesterday when I checked, but I figured that was because I wasn't eating and my body decided to evacuate everything from my system. 

Funniest part about yesterday was when I was in the shower, my dehydration addled state made one of the shower loofahs suddenly turn into Yoda from Star Wars and start talking to me! I got out of the shower instantly and guzzled 64 ounces of Gatorade. 

So, I guess this was the universe getting me back for not getting food poisoning from Disney. I probably could have done without. Ugh. Time to drink some clear fluids and take another Imodium!

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