Sunday, January 18, 2015


This weekend.... how can I describe it?

It blew chunks.

We had a Disney weekend planned since December. Just a quickie. Family, fun, frolicking in the most magical place on Earth. There were several things wrong with the weekend, and I will list them in order:

  • The school district threatened failure to any student who missed school during exam week. Yup. And we scheduled our trip for exam week. Maybe it's just me, but why would you give exams AFTER the kids have been out for 2 weeks for winter break?? So that made us have to leave a day later than planned.
  • When we arrived at Disney, our room wasn't ready. HHH signed up for a text alert system where when the room was ready, we'd get a text from the hotel and could come on over and check in. Yeah... never got the text. We finally got tired of waiting and just drove over. The room had been ready for a few hours already. Gee, thanks.
  • The room we didn't get texted about? It was dirty. I'm not talking about dusty or cobwebs, but full on dirty, gross, nastiness! There was hair on the bathroom door. The bathtub had a scummy ring around it. There was a sign taped to the air conditioner vent that was from the Disney Marathon Weekend that was over 7 days ago! And the topper? Was this... A fingerprint on the back of the bathroom door made in poop. POOP! We went to the front desk and told them about how filthy the room was and we were moved immediately to a preferred room up by the front rather than the BFE we were in. They also gave a $100 credit to us as well. I just wanted a clean bathroom. Also? I left my pillow by accident in that room, but no one was able to locate it. Boo.

  • The security gates around the resort were malfunctioning. ALL THE TIME. We'd get stuck in a long line of cars who were just trying to get to their rooms after a long day at the parks, but at least 4 out of every 6 cars couldn't get the gate to open with their magic bands. Talk about frustration.
  • The one restaurant we were looking forward too was the 50;s Prime Time Cafe in Hollywood Studios. We'd eaten there before and the food was sublime. The fact that the entire place is decorated in 50's/60's decore is as nostalgic as it is creepy! The tables are right out of your grandmother's kitchen and the waitstaff all call themselves Cousin... oh and they'll yell at you to keep your elbows off the table, make you say please and thank you, and won't let you play with your walkie talkies (cell phones) at the table. It's an immersive restaurant that sticks in your mind.
  • At 3am, the first person started puking.
  • By 8am 3 out of 5 of us were sick as a dog. Eldest and I escaped the plague, but that was it for us. We started packing. We got up and out while we were still alive! We cancelled out fast passes at Epcot and headed home before something else happened!
Now, I know I'm picky. I'm a housekeeper by trade, so I expect the most impeccable service available. Usually Walt Disney World delivers. They have every other time we've been there. This weekend was just a horrible comedy of errors! Between the room, the bad food, and the resort mishaps, I'm going to be crossing Coronado Springs off my list in the future. Unfortunately, I think that's the resort my running group is using for the Princess Half Marathon. Perhaps I'll just stay their alone and put up the family at Port Orleans where we've gotten good service. 

All I know is Mickey better up his game!

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