Monday, December 15, 2014

I Think I Have This Backwards...

Today was interesting. 

I was working at the large estate today. I bundled up, fired up the Ragin' Salmon,, and was off. As I was driving, I noticed fog. Fog that got thicker and thicker the farther I went. No problem. I had on a reflective safety vest and my helmet. I'm a safe driver. I keep puttering along. The fog keeps getting thicker. Suddenly, the visibility goes from 50ft to 10 feet in the blink of an eye! What the holy heck?? And to make matters worse, the fog is so heavy and wet it condenses on my glasses and I literally CAN'T see!!! I had to stop two times just so I could wipe the water off! I drove 15mph so I could safely get to my work. Talk about a white knuckle ride!! It totally freaked me out!

After work, I'm riding back home when I had to stop for a traffic light. I was first in line by the light, and when it turned green I hit the gas and then...


Yup. Some idiotic woman wasn't watching and blew through the light so she could turn left. Didn't even look up at the stop light. I was inches from being a hood ornament on a Buick. Did I flinch?


I laid on the horn, called the driver every name I could think of, and braked hard. I was so angry. If I could have caught up with her I would have busted out the window with my helmet, grabbed that moron around the throat, dragged her out of said broken window and beat the holy living hell out of her! 

So this is the  thing: "Fog=Death", but "Being Run Over=Blind Furious Rage".

I think I have that a little backwards!

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