Thursday, November 20, 2014


So, on Wednesday I was bitten by one of the dogs I babysit/housekeep for. Bluebell is cute, sweet looking and on Prednisone, which means she is in a constant state of hunger. She is on a specialized diet and all that makes her ravenous. My co worker was feeding the dogs as I was walking in to start my shift, and suddenly Bluebell decided to snap by attacking Stormy. An by attack , I mean she morphed into a pitbull! I had to shove my hand into Bluebell's mouth, pry her off Stormy's ear, then tackle Stormy to the kitchen floor and fall small on top of her to keep Bluebell from attacking her further! In that process, I got bit.

This is what it looked like on Wednesday after the attack. It was painful, but I know these dogs are vetted to within an inch of their lives AND we poured hydrogen peroxide over it while I loudly said many bad words.

This is what it looked like Thursday morning. It was more blue, swollen, and very painful.

And this is what it looked like at 3 PM. Very blue, very swollen, and OMG did it hurt!


That is all!

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