Friday, November 7, 2014


I must look like a doofus. A moron. A complete fool. Ignorant. Stupid.

No matter who I work with, or where I work at, it is always the case that people think I know nothing about cleaning or household care. I have been cleaning since the early 2000's. I can guarantee I have seen everything and cleaned it! Excrement? Check. Black mold? Check. Naked people who think it's ok to parade in while I'm scrubbing the toilet? Check. Sports figure who is a COMPLETE SLOB and leaves his jerk off lotion for me to dispose of? Yeah.... that too.

What really tweaks me is people think I am unintelligent and therefore being a housekeeper is the only job I could get. HA! I have been to college. I have GM'ed restaurants. I have run delis. I have had my own cleaning service AND I have run a cleaning service for someone. Hell, I won a Nattie Award!! Aside from those facts, I am a rabid pop culture fan. I used to read encyclopedias for run and information. Most days I can answer almost every Jeopardy question. I am a monster at Family Feud. I will google that shit and remember it forever!

After all that, it rubs me the wrong way when someone I work with thinks I'm a moron. One of the ladies was discussing the new Maleficent movie and I mentioned that she was a fairy, not an evil sorceress, and she turned to me with the most surprised look on her face and said, "Oh my gosh! How did YOU know that?"


Or when we were discussing movie themes and her phone rang off with the theme from Halloween. She apologized  saying, "I hope the Michael Myers theme didn't scare you." and I replied, "No. Tubular Bells is an iconic song." You'd have thought I rattled off the formula for world peace by the look on her face.  What the hell?!?

Then there's the questioning me when it comes to cleaning. The 'new' girl who works the big house mostly was talking to me like I was a noob about all the cleaning. I let her go on, but put a stop to it when she tried to explain why they leave the washer doors open in very small words. Ugh.... I know it molds.


Anywho.... Has anyone else ever had to work with people who assume you're an ignorant dolt? Just me? Damn.

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Kyra Wilson said...

Oh, I get it all the time. People assume I'm an idiot before they ever even speak with me. (Especially if they know I'm an artist.) It's honestly a little better since I changed my hair from blond to red (I'm not kidding,) but in general they think I'm probably lacking in the smarts department and the only reason my husband (a rocket scientist, literally) married me is, well, who knows. Well, guess what? After testing, I was accepted to college when I was 11. So, maybe, just MAYBE, I might be a tad smarter than the doorstop.

However, the truth is that if someone treats you like you're an idiot, it's more a commentary on their own intelligence and preconceptions than anything to do with you. So... you're not a moron. You're just surrounded by them! ;)