Friday, September 26, 2014

7 Days...

.....Till I run THIS!!

Yes, this is last year's map, but it's the same route for the 2014 run.

I can't wait!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Looking Up

Today may have been rainy and overcast, but my day was bright and shiny.

  1. My boss asked me to walk with him this morning and when I did, he told me I was doing an excellent job. He was so pleased with my progress over the last 6 months that he was giving me a raise!! WOW!
  2. Bossman asked me how my training for the 10 miler was going. I told him my training was going well, but my donations had dried up thanks to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. He asked how much I needed, and I said $430. No problem, just text Bosslady the url and it'll be taken care of! WHAT?!? No way. 
  3. Yes way. 3 hours later the money was in my fundraiser! I am at my $750 goal!
  4. Bossman also imparted something to me about our personnel that I can't share, but it will make life so much easier for us! 
  5. The woman that was hired with me didn't get good news from her oncologist. She will have to take a leave of absence. I'm afraid if she does, I'll never see her again. This makes me sad. 
So you see, just because it was rainy, doesn't guarantee the day will be dreary as well! 

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Today was rough. It always is. I try to find out ways to get out of my head, and after my morning run, I got just that. Mo texted me and asked if her glucometer was at home. I looked around and texted back no. Then I went outside and tore apart the car. It wasn't there either. My phone started ringing and it was the school nurse calling to tell me she had lost her glucometer. Mo was almost inconsolable. She swore it was in her backpack when we left for school that morning. I presented to her the possibility that....

... someone stole it.

Yes. Someone probably thought it was a wallet because she didn't have a normal cover for er glucometer. It looks like a little zippered bag covered in faux leather with multicolored peace signs embroidered on it. It's cute. She loved it. Now it's gone.

This isn't the first time things have been stolen at this school. Eldest has had a total of 6 things stolen from her including one of her phones. It is ridiculous. Now my child with a chronic illness is without her medical equipment, equipment that logs her glucose levels so the information can be downloaded by her endocrinologist at appointments. I assured Mo I'd get her a new glucometer so she'd calm down, but there was another problem.

What if someone takes the finger stick and starts stabbing other students?

Each glucometer has a device that pokes your finger or arm and lets you get a small blood sample. If someone was to be an asshole, they could take the finger stick, dial it up to say 11, and start jabbing other students. Problem with that is cross contamination and a shared needle.(Because I doubt the thief would take the time to change out the lancets.) The nurse called for an administrator and I explained why I was worried. As a parent, the thought of my child getting jabbed with a dirty needle is frightening even though two of my children take shots daily with clean needles daily. I cannot imagine what a normal parent would do if they got a call saying their child was stabbed with a dirty needle. Unfortunately, the administrator didn't think that was something to be concerned with, and she bid me adeiu after I gave her a description of it.


So I gathered up Mo, checked her out of school, and we went off to buy her a new glucometer with the intent to leave it in the nurses office instead of carrying it around like she should. It is ridiculous that my medically needy child is unable to carry her medical equipment because of the fear of theft. Now she'll have to ask to go to the school clinic if she feels low or high. Yet again... ridiculous. 

I imagine what ever soulless thief filched Mo's glucometer was disappointed at it not being what they thought it was, and threw it in the garbage so as not to be caught with the evidence. I hope karma kicks them squarely in the ass. A stolen wallet is easy to replace in high school. A stolen piece of medical equipment? That's just shitty. 

But what isn't shitty is when I took Mo to Sephora so she could get an eye makeup lesson and her first make up. I am teaching her that retail therapy helps everything!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

And Again.

I am rerunning this because I can not apologize enough. 


I wrote this last year. I actually put into words something I hadn't spoken about in 10 years. It still holds truth for me. I'm actually allowing my Eldest to tell the story if she wants, but the school isn't really doing a memorial or anything, just a moment of silence and going on with life. I present it here again. I can rise above my family's monumental blunder and because I KNOW she won't apologize for it, I will. I'd go up to every one of those families and apologize if I could. I can't. 11 years on, we are winning the war on terrorism just by getting up out of bed and going on with life. 

We will go on. 

We must. 

This is the 10th year anniversary of 9/11. It's a pretty big deal, both in America and abroad. I remember watching the news that day. I had walked down to my in-laws place and thought they were watching a TV action movie, but they quickly told me no, a plane had crashed into one of the towers at WTC, then as we watched GMA, we actually SAW the second plane fly into the other tower! It was then we started to realize things would never be the same. I felt Junior kick me in the bladder, and wondered what kind of world I was going to bear my son into. It was so sad, seeing the scared, the worried, the hopeless jump out of the windows of the WTC rather than die a fiery death. We weren't alone though, the world denounced the terrorists and everyone who supported them. One of my most touching memories from that week was of the Buckingham Palace Royal Marching Band playing the Star Spangled Banner to support our grieving country.

Almost everyone in the US had a connection to those who perished that day and in the days following. I didn't know anyone personally. Then came the news. I was connected,.... in a serious, sinister way....

I have never really told this story. Once it was told to me, I was sworn to not impart it to ANYONE. It was going to STAY a family secret, however Eldest had a report to do this year, and she joined journalism class, and OMG.... she was asking questions, so many many questions. So I spilled.

My older sister, in a money grubbing move, married an Egyptian National for $50,000 so he could get a green card and secretly establish himself as a base of operations on Florida's East coast for Al-Qaeda terrorists.

I haven't spoken, thought, or typed those words in 10 years.

My older sister could very well be responsible for aiding in the deaths of THOUSANDS of Americans!! OMG!! How does one reconcile with that?? I'm trying very hard not to bawl my eyes out typing this. Children died that day. Mothers and fathers died that day. Sisters, brothers, heroes.... all died that day, and my own flesh and blood helped those lousy bastards get a toe hold here in America to do this horrible thing. Her "husband" was later targeted by the US government(rather quickly) and my sister was put on notice she better get a lawyer. After that, I never spoke to her again. From what I gather, she wasn't sent to jail, but apparently a hefty fine and probation was levied for fraud in order to obtain a green card.

I explained this to my daughters and son on Tuesday, a catch in my throat, tears in my eyes. Eldest thought she had the story of a lifetime till I told her she wasn't allowed to write about it, but then I thought why keep the secret any longer?

So... I'm not. I am directly related to someone who helped the terrorists commit the most horrible atrocity our country, nay... THE WORLD has ever seen!

And I'm sorry. I know it's not my fault, and I didn't do it myself, but I'm so, so sorry.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


One 5 foot, 4 inch woman + 7 large breed dogs x 15 poop bags = My morning walk with the doggies at work!

And no, I'm not gonna show my work.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Revenge of the Arachnids!

About two weeks ago, I was bitten by a spider while working outside on my Boss's backyard plantings. I didn't notice it when it happened, but later that evening the back of my head started to swell and become painful. The huge welts were under my hair so you couldn't see them, but boy could you feel them! 


Ow. Ow.


I kind of looked like this, except for the eye thing. 

Yup. My ear had been swelling up like that for the last 2 weeks. Like HUGE!! I took Benedryl and ibuprofin to battle the itchies and pain. I still went to work. I still ran. It was annoying, but life continued on as normal. Then one morning, I was scratching the now healing welt behind my left ear when my son asks me what's wrong. I tell him I am scratching the spider bite I got several days ago. Suddenly his eyes light up, and with a completely straight face he asks....

"So do you have any super powers now?"

And for the first time since it happened, I could laugh about looking like a freak and feeling itchy.