Wednesday, August 20, 2014

At Your Own Risk!

School has started up, and the rush to get supplies is utter madness. No, I didn't wait till the last minute because I am lazy. We had to wait till the kids got their supply lists from their open houses because middle & high schools don't put out early lists like the elementary ones. These lists? ARE INSANE! One asks for $36 CASH. I need to buy calculators, non yellow highlighters, specific brands of pens.... it goes on and on! Since we aren't the only parents who have kids in the upper grades it was a MAD HOUSE in Wall to Wall Mart. There were no supplies left. What was left was being fought over like it was gold. HHH left me guarding our cart as he dove into the fray looking for anything we needed.

While I was waiting for HHH to return with supplies, I was leaning on our cart, texting the kids, and staying out of the way. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a woman slowly sidling up to our cart. No big deal. It was extremely crowded and space was at a premium (although I was in the makeup section, so it wasn't that crowded over there.) I couldn't believe what happened next! The woman then started reaching INTO my cart! Yes, good people of the internets, this crazy person was trying to relieve me of the highlighters HHH had put in our cart! 


I looked her dead in her eye and yelled "HEY! Get your hands OUT of my cart or I will rip your arms off and beat you with the severed appendages!" Of course she got all huffy and mumbled "I didn't think this cart belonged to anyone." before stalking off to pillage some other inattentive soul.

Who does that? It's so wrong. I guess I should have expected it at Wall to Wall Mart, but I really just try to hope for the best in people. I expect to be treated like I treat other folks. My mistake. Won't happen again.

The bad part about all this? We still have more supply shopping to do. We couldn't find everything. I think we'll go to Staples instead. It might save my sanity and keep me out of jail!

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