Monday, May 19, 2014

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch!

Have you seen those ridiculous commercials for the dating site Farmers Only? Yeah, they say only farmers use their site so they can find like minded folks to go out with since farmers are so busy on the farm.

It's a good idea and all. I imagine farmers are extremely busy  and don't have time to hit the bar scene. The problem I have with their commercials is that they use an iconic american painting in one and it's just creepy. Why? Let me elaborate....

The above photo is from the commercial. The cartoon visage depicts the classic painting American Gothic. It was painted in 1930 by Grant Wood. Farmers Only uses their version to depict a man & woman who met on the dating site and got it on, so to speak. In reality, Wood used his sister and his dentist as models for his painting of  a farmer and his spinster daughter.

You hear that Farmers Only? FATHER AND DAUGHTER!!!

I don't expect everyone to know this. You'd have had to study American art at some point to figure it out. What I don't get is, why did FO not do its due diligence and research the painting before using it in the commercial? A father met his daughter on a dating site and they got together for a little some some? EW!

So now I can't figure what's worse, Farmers Only not being smart enough to do research or Farmers Only implying country folks get it on with their family and offspring?

I guess the tag line is right. This city girl just doesn't get it!

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