Monday, April 7, 2014


That's my hashtag. 

I've been using it ever since my first race at Disney. Several folks have been asking why I am degrading myself by basically calling myself fat. I have never looked at it that way. I have been a bigger woman most of my life, starting when I was 11. My sister left for the Army and I didn't realize I was replacing her with cookies. It went on through High School until I had a summer that was PACKED with club and camp activities. Being on a constant run kept me from stuffing my maw with food. I was a size 9 those next 3 years. My sophomore year in college saw a rise in the scale. Later when I began to have kids things went even higher. I started roller derby when I was 36 and got into the best adult shape of my life, but once I retired the pounds came back. What can I say? I enjoy good food. I'll never be sorry about that.

So I started running.... well, walking/running. I'm not the fastest, but I get along pretty well. I'm a big woman, still I can complete a 5K. I'm practicing for a 10 mile run in October for a children's cancer charity! I don't give up. I push and keep going. I am proud that I'm fat, but I run anyway. You can glance at me and dismiss my effort all you want, I don't give a shit.

  • I want to live life to the fullest! 
  • I want to eat that dessert! 
  • I want to drink that fruity umbrella drink!
  • I want to dance as I run down the road!
  • I want to sing when I run!
  • I want to tell other people I meet running that they rock my socks off!

I can do ALL THOSE THINGS even though I'm fat.  My #RunFatGirlRun hashtag is about all that and more! I can be fat, and live. I can be fat, and love. I can be fat, and run. The only thing that can stop me is me, and I'm not gonna let THAT happen.

So, #RunFatGirlRun is my way of embracing who and what I am, a human being who has a bit more padding in places! Take it or leave it, but my using that hashtag takes away the power of those who might call me fat derisively. 


(If you would like to sponsor me with a buck or two, my donation page is here. All the money I raise will go to the Noah's Light Foundation for children with Brain cancer.)

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