Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Auditorium

Today I was a chaperon, but then what else is new?

Mo had her FOAs today(Florida Orchestra Assessments) . For all my high school folks, that's the equivalent to the FBAs (Florida Bandmaster's Assessments.) I was going with Mo because the school fruits out about my kids' diabetes, but also I wanted to help out. Back when I was in high school my mom was a designated chaperon and I looked at this as my world coming full circle. When I was at the school, I was helping corral kids, hem uniform pants, and I transported some equipment. It was trippy how I was flashing back to my band geek youth. 

The kids did well. On a scale of I to V, they got a II. That's an Excellent. After performing, we went to Cici's pizza for a lunch. That was "fun". Oh dear LORD, I was reliving my OHS Band days! Man I must be old!!

So I guess I'll be doing that till the kids graduate. It was fun. I imagine I'll be doing more and more, but that's ok with me. Band Geek.... pass the torch!

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