Sunday, March 16, 2014

3 Days.

What do you get when your son comes to you after a leisurely week on Spring Break and hands you a sheet of paper that has a science project that is due in 3 days on it? Oh, and you find out you son has had this assignment sheet for the last 4 weeks and didn't tell you? 

You get a pissed off mom who takes away ALL your electronic devices and MAKES you help her find household items to brainstorm a 3D model of an animal cell with all the accompanying parts!(A stipulation of the project is you have to use household items to keep parents from going out & buying a model at local hobby shops.) And in one afternoon you get your project done so you can turn it in 2 days early for extra credit! 

Check out the results of a Mom on a mission & a son who wants his electronics back!

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