Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Run, fat girl, RUN!

So, I had a really crappy run today. My damn GPS wouldn't sync with my running app, my music kept playing slower pace songs, and the weather had me socked in till it was kinda hot (But I'm not crazy enough to run in heavy fog in THIS town!). The one bright spot? As I was running down Kingsway, I look ahead and see a dog. Suddenly the dog sees me, and he's sprinting towards me like I'm a long lost friend wrapped in bacon! As he got closer, I saw the doggie was a Chinese Crested and he was hairless except for a sparse black mohawk on this cute head! I reach down pet him, look for a person and upon seeing none, look at the dog again and it dawns on me.... This is the Chinese Crested Escape Artist who lives off of Elna Rd. So I turn around and we jog back to his house where I have to try a few times to get the attention of the gentleman in the garage. Doggie successfully returned, I tried to continue my run..... Well, at least I had a companion for a little bit!

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