Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mr. Chippy

Meet Mr. Chippy. 

He is one of the myriad of squirrels that live in the trees around our house. Back when we first moved in, Nemo the 3 legged dog started chasing the squirrels. He'd never catch them, but loved to chase them! The squirrels would haul tail as soon as Nemo came outside. Then, I came up with the idea to offer the squirrels treats after Nemo chased them, thus the squirrels started associating Nemo with food. 

Now we have the one squirrel that we named Mr. Chippy. He's brave. I guess free food makes you brave. Don't believe me? Go to a Wall to Wall Mart on free sample day and observe. Yeah. I thought so. Anywho, Mr. Chippy is totally on board for letting Nemo chase him in exchange for a free meal. He will squeak to let his presence be know as soon as he hears the door open.  

Yesterday I was watching Netflix on the living room couch when I heard a noise out on the porch. I peeked out the window and there was Mr. Chippy on the porch, holding the bag of Cheez-Its I left on my porch table, diving in head first to finish of the cheesy crumb goodness. I laughed, but then thought..."Does he recognize the bag?" I experimented. Last night I left another Cheez-It bag, opened, on my porch table to see if Mr. Chippy would once again help himself.

I walked outside this morning to find an empty bag and a puddle of squirrel urine on my porch table.( I may have to get him something else to eat if he's gonna leave pee for me to clean up.) And so in honor of the squirrel becoming an unofficial pet of our house, I leave you with my kids fave Phineas & Ferb song....

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