Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I haven't written anything lately. Situations being what they were last week, I didn't have very much I could say, and I know damn good & well folks are TIRED of hearing about our bad luck. New year, new life.... let's get on with it 2014.

Today started out cold. Like "Holy SHIT! Why is it 34 degrees in fucking FLORIDA!?!" cold. I got up, got breakfast started, and began waking up the kids for school. I woke up HHH too and after they all got going I began to get dressed for my cleaning job that I had at 10. HHH came to get me and I was wrapped up! (I did mention it was cold!) I had on track pants, knee high socks, a shirt, a bandanna covering my hair, scarf, & a jacket. The wind was cutting, so I had put my scarf up over my head to protect my ears. 

HHH dropped me off at my client's house, but the lady wasn't feeling well, so I called HHH back and he asked if I'd ride with him for the day. Heck yea baby! I hop back in the truck and we ride along, talking, singing, and basically enjoying each other's company. 

HHH's customers are spread far & wide, and the first one he arrive at is out in the country where horses, cattle, and goats dot the landscape. HHH drive up the driveway and there are 2 dogs out in the yard that instantly make a beeline for the truck. HHH stops because he doesn't want to injure the dogs. The woman trying to corral them isn't having much luck. The larger of the dogs is listening, but the Jack Russel isn't. Finally I have an idea. I pop the seatbelt, get out of the truck, and start walking towards the house. The dogs instantly start following me and HHH can pull up into the yard. Problem solved! I get back in the truck and HHH does his bug spray thing.

After HHH is done he has to give the client their bill. As the woman walks towards the truck with him, I hear her asking if she can talk to me. He asks her why, and she says she didn't want to say anything to offend me seeing as how I was Muslim in my head scarf and fully covered clothing.

Um.... holiday-whoobee-whatee?!?

Yes... because I was wearing a scarf over my ears to keep them warm on the coldest day of the year, it automatically made me Muslim. I wasn't offended. It just started me thinking..... 

I know other cultures that wear scarves. Anyone who has lived in the great white North has wrapped a scarf around their head & neck to stay warm. Why did the scarf instantly make me Muslim? If I wore a trucker hat would that make me a big rig driver? How about if I wore nothing but skirts/dresses & didn't cut my hair? Does that make me Amish/Pentecostal? Why do we persist at stereotyping people by how they look?
How does that help us get to know each other on this big blue marble?

In the end, HHH told the woman I wasn't Muslim. That I was, in fact, just really cold & trying to stay warm. The woman apologized like she had made some great transgression by implying I was Muslim & we left. I kinda wanted to wave and say.... asa lama lakum, till I found out she also said I looked like a New York cabbie. That's taking the stereotype a BIT too far! 

Have you ever been mistaken for someone else because of how you were dressed???

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Vicky Ortiz said...

Yep, that has happened to me to...
I like wearing a scarf on my head when it is windy, or else my hair becomes a giant frizz ball.