Monday, December 16, 2013

So Some Guy Tried To Pwn Me On Twitter....

... and failed miserably! 

Now I don't go looking for a fight on social media. (Contrary to what happened to me in September.) I usually observe others interactions and just leave well enough alone. Usually there has been someone that says exactly what I was thinking anyway, so why offer up my carcass to the rabid vultures who occupy the internet. I saw this photo this morning....

That is right. Someone at a sign company employed by the State of Florida misspelled Dairy. After seeing that, the following ensued.....

*@TampaBayTraffic-Sign #fail... We're gonna need a Sharpie in Largo. RT @IONTB: Installed on Bryan "Dariy" Road at Starkey.
*@blondefabulous-@TampaBayTraffic That's our public education system in action right there!
*@raidmagic-@blondefabulous @TampaBayTraffic Don't blame the public education system blame the parents that dont take an active roll in their kids lives
*@TampaBayTraffic-@raidmagic @blondefabulous Lol I think you meant "role."
*@blondefabulous-@TampaBayTraffic See!? @raidmagic just totally made my point!!
*@raidmagic-@blondefabulous @TampaBayTraffic Unfortunately not, I went to a private school
*@blondefabulous-@raidmagic @TampaBayTraffic You get what you pay for, I guess. :)

Yup. Some guy on Twitter tried to be an ass to my flippant remark about education and I & @TampaBayTraffic more or less pwned him. Usually I'd have stuck to my policy of letting it go, but the incorrect word usage plus the lack of punctuation was hard to resist! Then when the guy tried to  one up me with his revelation that he went to private, not public, school.... well, I couldn't help myself!

Thanks Monday. I appreciate your nod to me having a stressful week and trying to make me feel better. I guess we'll pick up where we left off next Monday?


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