Saturday, December 14, 2013


  • I was almost run over last Tuesday. I was walking to my cleaning client when I heard a squeal of tires. I looked to the left really fast to see some douche in a BMW SUV running a stop sign at a high rate of speed. He was hanging a right and was going SO FAST his passenger side wheels came up off the pavement. He over corrected and ended up driving on the sidewalk I was currently occupying. I lunged to the left to avoid being hit ON THE SIDEWALK!!!! It hurt something in my foot which has been aching ever since.
  • Landlord threatened to throw us out a week before Christmas. Luckily I am resourceful and, with the help of some awesome people, was able to raise over $1000 in 24 hours. 
  • My Christmas cactus is blooming a whole month early! Usually it waits till January, but I guess it realized I needed a sign that everything would be alright.
  • HHH got a job at a pest control company.
  • I don't like the USPS anymore. I sent a package of cookies to a good friend in NY and they eventually got there in a million pieces. I was so heartbroken to see the photos. My cookies are little pieces of art. I slave over them because I want them to be perfect and bring joy to those who are getting them. So much for writing FRAGILE all over the box in red marker!
  • Stores are NUTS this time of year.

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