Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Merry Don't You Even DARE!

OK, why do we have to have Christmas so early?


I want to enjoy my seasons. Granted, living in Florida there are maybe three seasons; Summer, 2 months of winter, and Rainy, but you want to enjoy them. In October I want to enjoy Halloween. In November I want to enjoy Thanksgiving. In December I want to enjoy Christmas. Is that too much to ask? Wall to Wall Mart started putting up Holiday decore' in the first of October. I've seen shopping centers & office parking lots putting up their Christmas light pole decorations.  

I can't deal with this.

I say we put our collective foot down and hit 'em where it hurts... in the bottom line! I refuse to buy any and all holiday stuff out of season. That means I'll buy my Halloween gear in October, my Thanksgiving food & decorations in November, and my Christmas items in December. I will not budge on this. 

¡Viva la Revolución compras navideñas!

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