Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Where The Hell Have I Been?!?

Wow! Been so busy with work and family, I haven't written diddly squat!  What the hell?!?

 Let's list everything I've been doing:

1. I work work work from 8-4:30. Now that i have my own truck with which to operate, I've been going out on my own calls. Boss Man seems very happy with my progress at the 30 day mark. This bodes well for me.

2. My truck is one of those Transits. It's the weird high topped mini vans you see out on the road with either a plumbing company, electircal company, or AC company logos on it. It is the smallest of all our company vans. I have affectionately come to call it 'Mini Me' but when you see our vans all parked together, it looks lile Papa Bear, Mama Bear, & Baby Bear! Too funny!

3. My cleaning clients consist of short term corporate executives, people coming In to the area for medical reasons, and military personel visiting from other countries. On Tuesdays I clean for people from Nigeria. On Wednesday I clean for the Chinese Army. ( No, I am not kidding!) Fridays are British Military cleans. In the middle of all that, I get to fluff and reset other units all over the Tampa, St. Pete, and Pinellas areas. It's a very multi cultural thing!

4. I dropped off 2 more HUGE bags of linens and towels to the animal shelter last week. I really enjoy doing thay.

5.  HHH worked on our front porch last weekend. We pressure washed the concrete, painted it with Restore, and I was able to aquire some new patio furniture.  The landlord loved it! We just made her maintenance/handy man look bad. Oops!

6. I think there's a velociraptor out by where I work. Either that, or these a damn bird with a call that sounds just like a velociraptor! Creepy.

And thats just a smattering of what went on since September 29th.

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