Friday, September 20, 2013


No not the Beatles song, my kids dealing with that every sly & elusive emotion. So far this week, Eldest broke up with her boy friend. Apparently she decided there really wasn't anything there to keep it a relationship. (He's also a sophomore and her being a junior kept them from really seeing each other during the day.) Then, while we were playing Mario Kart, a girl from the middle school knocked on the door and asked to speak with my son.

Um... whiskey tango foxtrot?!?

SO, this girl is apparently in 2 of Junior's classes at the middle school. She walked Junior home on Tuesday, even though it is 3/4 of a mile past her own house. (her parents grounded her for doing that.) Now she was at the door and asking for Junior to come to her little brother's birthday party. Her little brother is turning 10 and Junior has no idea who this kid is. Oh, and the party is in a half hour! Nope. Have diabetes. Can't do last minute invites. Then when HHH and I went to the store, the girl calls two times looking for Junior! 

Someone has a MAJOR crush on Junior.

When we got back from the store, I had Junior call her back, explaining why he couldn't come to the party. When he declined the invite, the girl must have gotten upset because we heard him tell her "No, I don't hate you." (Guilting starts early I guess.) Then he invited her to come hang out with him here at our home to play video games on Sunday. He was being so sweet and trying not to hurt this girl's feelings.

So, one child ended a relationship and another may be starting one. Probably not though because Junior said he just wants to be friends. Yup, my boy "friend zoned" someone. He learns quickly. Mo says "Dude, she's gonna kidnap you and chain you up in the attic!"

Lord, I hope not!

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