Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ball Game

So.... Bucs vs. Saints.


It rained again. This time we had 2 ponchos so we stayed dry. There was an almost one hour delay due to rain & lightnng. HHH and I just poncho-ed up and stuck it out in our seats.

Eventually the rain ended enough for me to get a weird shot of the sunset behind the stadium.

  The Bucs were the same old same old. Do just enough to keep the fans on the edge of their seats, then blow it at the end. The fans in the stands were the real show. We saw....

  • Half naked drunk chicks falling all over the place.
  • Obnoxious hecklers from both teams being complete assholes to each other.
  • Two people being escorted out of the stadium for questionable actions.
  • One man having a seizure.
  • Another gentleman being wheeled out for a different medical emergency.
  • 3 people(girls) busting their ass in cutsey sandals when climbing or descending the stadium stairs.
  • And my favorite, a 7 or 8 months pregnant woman shot gunning a beer then whipping out a pack of Marlboro menthols to go smoke.  
Holy balls! Talk about a weird opener. I hope the next few games will be a better mix of folks. There is no reason to be rude. I respect your team, please respect mine, you know?

Now the Buc's are 0-2. Those season passes are really paying off. (NOT) But HHH and I still had a great time!

Heck, it's almost impossible for us NOT to have a good time at a football game. #itsabucslife

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