Sunday, August 4, 2013


I know I haven't been here very often lately. What with school getting ready to start, I have been shopping and girding my loins for the inevitable fight I know I'll have with the schools about the kid's diabetes paperwork. Luckily, this year Jr will go to middle school, meaning that he can finally do his own medicating! He was ready to do it last year, but the nurse and principal at the elementary school wouldn't let him. 
6th grade! 
Where has the time gone?
Today I have a Dr appt with the endocrinologist. I am going to try and go by the school to get the papers we need filled out. There hasn't been someone there to give them to me, but I imagine T minus 3 weeks & counting means someone will finally be there Monday morning! 

So, if it looks like I've deserted the place, fear not. I've just gone to shoot down the school medical paper dragon!

And by the way.... what is the hardest part of your back to school routine?

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