Friday, August 16, 2013

Turning Point.

I was driving back from my Friday client today. It was a muggy afternoon in Southwest Florida. The humidity was thick enough to cut with a machete. I drive down Hillsborough Ave In Tampa to go to and from my client out in Saltwater. As I am driving, I'm having to jog from lane to lane to avoid stupid traffic like people driving 20 miles under the speed limit, or someone having to come to a complete stop to turn into a side street. I've tried to be more forgiving of my fellow drivers. Perhaps someone is lost, or maybe their GPS is suffering a malfunction. I even find peace with the dreaded ancient crone driving her land yacht to the Hard Rock Casino even though she can't see over the dashboard! There are only 3 driving mistakes I will not forgive...

  1. Talking on the cell phone instead of paying attention.
  2. Not looking at where you're going.(ie-blind spots)
  3. Utilizing lanes for opposite purposes.
The first two are self explanatory. It has been proven time and time again that cell phone use while driving causes accidents. Many states have enacted laws penalizing texting and even talking on a cell phone without a hands free device. The look where you're going one is a no brainer as well. (Didn't stop some jackass from throwing his car in reverse to exit a parking space and almost hitting my car, THEN the guy getting pissed off at ME because I honked at him so he'd stop and NOT hit me! Sheesh!) That last one though... that one pisses me off.

Here's the scene. I am in the left hand lane approaching a traffic signal. There is a turn lane to my left, I am in the left travel through lane, and there are two more travel through lanes to my right. As I approach the intersection, I have to come to a screeching halt because some dumbass moron has missed getting into the left turn lane and is now doggedly occupying the left through lane with their blinker on, making me and everyone behind me miss the signal and possibly get rear ended in the process. What makes these people think they can just arbitrarily change the rules of the road?! I'm serious. I never saw a section in my drivers manual that said "If you miss your turn, just stop and throw on your turn signal in the travel lane. Someone might let you in eventually." No. It doesn't say that ANYWHERE! (and I have a teen who is getting her license and has studied the driver's handbook, so I'd know!) No, if you miss your turn you advance down the road, find a place to make a legal u turn, and try it again from the other direction. It's not a difficult thing to do. The way these people act, you'd think it was! It's ridiculous! 

If this was a rare occurrence, I'd let it go, but it is every damn time I drive to work. And always at the turn that takes people to the I-275 on ramp. The gall of some people being such rude drivers. It shouldn't surprise me anymore, yet I expect so much more of someone when they are behind the wheel of a 1+ ton machine that can bring death. ESPECIALLY if my kids are reaching driving age and will be on the roads with these morons!!! I guess the best defense is a good offense, so to speak.

So what is YOUR best(worst?)  "moron ignoring the rules of the road" story?

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Poppy said...

Your #3 is our biggest one too. So rude and selfish and dangerous! And here it seems that people just feel like their time is more important than all the people waiting in the left turn lane so they intentionally cut everyone off by waiting in the left travel lane until they can gun it into the left turn lane. Jerks!