Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Pretty much everyone here knows HHH is my second husband. My first husband went whack a doo. Between the two of us, TONS of mistakes were made. Tons. By both of us. So after everything came to a head & a gun and shooting was involved, it was decided we would part ways. We do not speak. We do not have contact. I cannot even entertain the thought of having to talk to him without having a serious PTSD panic attack. For the last 14 years he hasn't had a job that offered health insurance. That was ok though. We have dealt with Medicaid & CMS for all of my daughter Mo's life to take care of her diabetes and the doctors have been wonderful. 

6 months ago, Mo's prescriptions started being denied by medicaid. I asked all the right questions and tried to find out why this was happening. No one knew. CMS couldn't figure it out. Medicaid couldn't figure it out. Lucky for me I had a surplus of stuff to get us by, but it has been dwindling pretty fast! I was at my wits end. Finally, at the kid's CMS endocrinology visit someone was able to tell me that my Ex had taken out insurance on her, therefore she didn't qualify for Medicaid anymore. 

Well great then. Glad after 14 years he finally paid heed to the court order. Now can I have the information so I can get Mo's prescriptions?

Oh, sorry we don't have that information.

Excuse me? How can you SAY she is covered, have proof she is covered, and NOT have the information I need to get the life saving medications to keep her alive??? CMS couldn't explain it, but they tasked me with the job of finding out myself. I had few options available to me. I called and called the medicaid hotline to try and get any information from them. My Ex had to have provided a policy number to prove he had complied with the court order, so SOMEONE had to have that number. I didn't get very far in the automated network of phones. Then I tried going to the pharmacy and giving them the ONE # I had for my EX and they could try to call him to get the information they needed to process Mo's meds. Nope. My Ex In Laws and my Ex refused to speak or return phone calls to the pharmacy AND CMS. My last and final hope was to call my local office of DCF and tell them that I was dealing with a hostile Ex and demand the insurance info or have them demand it from him. Lucky for me they gave up his policy number and the company it was through. All I had to do was call the company, provide my daughter's social# and answer a few questions. Finally! After 6 months... I had answers I needed. I could get my baby girls medicine.

Why did that seem so hard? Why didn't I just suck it up and call my Ex? Why was I being such a dumbass baby?

  1. My Ex went nuts after a traumatic event.
  2. The path of this going nuts included attending a "church" in a mobile home in the deep woods. VERY Branch Davidian.
  3. At one point my Ex actually believed he could call Angels down from Heaven to smite his enemies.
  4. When no Angels showed up to do the smiting, he got out his black powder rifle and tried to kill several people, including the kids and I.
  5. I have never been mentally "normal" after this. 
To say that I was suffering PTSD from all that and having panic attacks every time I had to explain to another new customer service representative about WHY I didn't speak to my Ex in person was putting it mildly. I was a shaking, crying mess. I'm surprised anyone could understand my gibberish. 

They say it's the bad, along with the good, that makes you into the person you are today, and I'd like to think I'm a pretty tough old bird on most days. I have a loving husband and great kids whom I love very much. So, sorry if I vented or seemed snappy on social media these last few weeks. I have, once again, dealt with an unreasonable person and have come out the other end bruised but better.

Now to gird my loins for the NEXT dumbass thing the Ex throws my way.

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