Friday, August 9, 2013


So HHH got tickets to the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's preseason opener.  We went last night to watch the Bucs play the Super Bowl defending champions, the Baltimore Ravens. 

Someone was a VERY happy boy.

I even dressed for the occasion. (I'm a Jaguars fan.)

We were in the nosebleeds, but the view was amazing.

It was pretty empty in the stands.

And of course, the rain made sure to make it to the game.

Yeah... then the rain REALLY showed up to the game!

I think HHH thought I wasn't going to want to stay in the rain. I'll forgive him because he didn't know me when I was in college. He had no idea I was a member of the Crazy Fan Club. Rain, wind, lightning, cold, hail,..... IT'S FOOTBALL DAMN IT! SUCK IT UP!

In the end, the Bucs lost. I hate that pre season games are basically looked at as scrimmages because the starters play only one quarter, then they put in the second & third string. (The QB named Webber threw 3 picks in the 4th quarter. I don't think they'll be keeping him.) But it was a great time and HHH was so happy!  Best snap of the night was the above photo. The sun had broken through the clouds and shone behind the stadium. Lovely.

What did you guys do Thursday night?

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