Sunday, July 21, 2013

This Doesn't Help.

When I was a teenager, I liked roller coasters. I wouldn't say it was an all consuming LOVE like some of my friends, but I rode them with my friends when we went to the amusement parks. Heck, I even participated in a Physics class trip to Boardwalk & Baseball, a now defunct amusement park where we did experiments & calculations while riding the rides. 
Somewhere along the way, back about my sophomore year in high school, I got a horrible ear infection. It was bad. It was really bad. It was so bad that I had stuff coming out of that ear and the infection perforated my right ear drum. (Note:If we have ever met in real life & it looked like I was ignoring you, I probably just didn't hear you due to hearing loss.) In the process of this infection, I also lost some fluid in my inner ear. From that moment on, roller coasters were the enemy. 
Recently I decided to stop being such a baby and try to ride coasters again. Ignoring the full on panic attack that happens isn't easy, but I did it. It's hard to say what happens when I start freaking out, but my brain goes to dark places and worst case scenarios. 
Then I saw THIS yesterday....

Woman's fatal fall from Six Flags coaster probed

And now my mind has some more ammo with which to freak me out! Much love & healing to the family who's mother lost her life in front of them! And yes, I know that there is only 4.3 accidents per every 1,000,000 park visitors in the US per year, and that those accident include everything from a splinter in the finger to death, but damn it man! The lady fell OUT OF THE COASTER! And that was after she BROUGHT ATTENTION TO THE FACT HER LAP BAR DIDN'T LATCH RIGHT!!! Cheese & crackers! How am I supposed to have personal growth with THAT hovering out there!???!

Uh... I gotta go do my calming breath exercises now!

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Vicky Ortiz said...

I loved roller coasters up until the night I thought (and later confirmed) I was pregnant, 10+ years ago. I had spent the day at MGM with some friends, and we went on the tower of terror and I freaked the hell out. Then later that night, we were relaxing by the hotel's pool, and I had my standard drink back then - a screwdriver. And it tasted terrible. So my friend's hubby took it back and got me something else, and it still tasted terrible. So my friend Dawn says to me, I bet you're pregnant! To which the 4 of us rushed out to buy a test and I turns out I was. And from then on, I couldn't stomach roller coasters or any type of ride with a big drop.