Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oh Thursday!

So far this Thursday....

  • Thunderstorm blew up at 6am. Loudly!
  • Nemo decided to tell us the thunderstorm arrived by barking. Loudly!
  • Nemo also decided to protest the loud thunder & lightning by peeing in the house. 
  • Then I had to get Eldest to the last day of her summer program.
  • There was a car fire in the complex next door. Many MANY fire engines & cops.
  • It was still raining buckets!
  • Got Eldest to her program and had to navigate back home in the flooded roads. 
  • Read about a train derailment, fire on another train, & asphalt truck jackknifed in my area.
  • Went back home and decided to say fudge it and made brekkies. 
Talk about a weird morning.

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