Wednesday, July 17, 2013


So, when HHH came home today he was muttering something about "eye bleach" and "scorched earth" while shaking his head. I wasn't sure what he was talking about until I heard him mumble Gramma. That's when I knew he was talking about our most recent neighbors.
About 3 months after we moved in here, the people in the end unit bought a house and moved away. The Landlord's son & his wife who lived next to us took their unit and new people moved into the unit that they had vacated. As someone who has lived their life trying to be an example of courteous apartment living thanks to HHH always working for the complexes, we are a quiet, respectful family, more so than you'd expect. Our neighbors haven't really been similarly inclined. They are loud. I have been awakened by arguments through the walls. They chain smoke on their back porch, which is ok I guess, but the smoke always wafts over to our porch and I can't enjoy my porch when that happens. All of that can be overlooked however, in the face of the fact that "Gramma" is the worst part of it all.

Meet Gramma....

Yes, that is a 50-ish older woman either sleeping or passed out on the front porch, legs askew, showing her goods to EVERYBODY on the block. I know it doesn't look like it, but she DOES have panties on. It didn't help. This woman wasn't on the original lease, but moved in with the neighbors 2 weeks after they originally moved in. She chain smokes in the common yard, littering her cig butts all over the ground, and creating a mound of crap. She sunbathes in next to nothing which I don't find very family friendly. Now this passed out display. No wonder HHH was asking for eye bleach! It isn't the worst neighbor infraction I have ever dealt with, but it has to be the most EW one!

Now... what is YOUR worst neighbor story?? Can you top THAT?!?!?!?

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Vicky Ortiz said...

That tops any of my bad neighbors. The worst I had were some ignorant Hispanic pot dealers and pit bull dog fighters next to me, in my nice quiet family friendly neighborhood. Ours is a neighborhood where the kids play outside all the time, and they are in and out of each others backyards. It a group ranging from K to 6th grade, very active boys and girls.

So while I have no issue with them smoking or growing pot, the issues were the people that would pull up to their house, driving way to fast around the corner, peeling out, and acting like assholes. Now the kids generally stay in our cul-de-sac and keep to peoples yards and driveways, but they are kids and get too close to the road, or have to get a ball that bounced to far. The final straw was when a friend brought a pit bull, and the dealer brought his pit bull out and they egged them on to fight, in the front yard! They would let thier dog run lose, and then the kids weren't allowed to play outside becuase of them and their dogs. So me and a neighbor started in on them, and my dad tried to talk to them in spanish, and we kept on them, until they moved away. Now we have a nice family with 3 kids next door.