Tuesday, July 30, 2013


So I was walking the dogs for their mid morning poop walk, and I heard a noise. It was kind of a loud "THWOP!" Then I heard a cicada screech. I followed the noises and found THIS going on in the grass....

Yup. Huge wasp. The wasp had targeted a flying cicada, tackled it in mid air, and took it down to the ground like a blocker tackling a jammer mid jam! I shooed the dogs away from the area and went inside to look up said wasp. and I found out it was a Cicada Killer Wasp. Neat, in a creepy, ewww sort of way. Since I have a passing allergy to wasp & bug stings, I looked for more info and read this...

Although cicada killers are large, female cicada killer wasps are not aggressive and rarely sting unless they are grasped roughly, stepped upon with bare feet, or caught in clothing, etc.

They are generally non aggressive. Good. They won't mess with me, and I won't mess with them. I also noted that Cicada Killers nest in dry, sandy soil. All the dirt around our place is pretty wet due to all the rain we have been getting and the fact that we have poor drainage. That female was probably out hunting for something to take back to her nest, and it looks like she found it!

Well, I will be keeping an eye out for this 2 to 3 inch long wasp. I can't guarantee I won't do the "crazy white lady dance" if one comes by my head too closely!! 

And Dave, You thought the cicadas were bad!!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wait for it.....

I am holding my breath right now. When I got back from dropping off Eldest at a birthday party, I saw a bunch of people taking boxes & stuff out of the apartment next door. Then I saw that THIS...

 ...was loading her precious tanning lawn chair into a truck..... and I am wondering, did Gramma finally GTFO? 

Lordy lordy I sure do hope so, because I don't EVER want to see the above situation EVER AGAIN!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oh Thursday!

So far this Thursday....

  • Thunderstorm blew up at 6am. Loudly!
  • Nemo decided to tell us the thunderstorm arrived by barking. Loudly!
  • Nemo also decided to protest the loud thunder & lightning by peeing in the house. 
  • Then I had to get Eldest to the last day of her summer program.
  • There was a car fire in the complex next door. Many MANY fire engines & cops.
  • It was still raining buckets!
  • Got Eldest to her program and had to navigate back home in the flooded roads. 
  • Read about a train derailment, fire on another train, & asphalt truck jackknifed in my area.
  • Went back home and decided to say fudge it and made brekkies. 
Talk about a weird morning.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

This Doesn't Help.

When I was a teenager, I liked roller coasters. I wouldn't say it was an all consuming LOVE like some of my friends, but I rode them with my friends when we went to the amusement parks. Heck, I even participated in a Physics class trip to Boardwalk & Baseball, a now defunct amusement park where we did experiments & calculations while riding the rides. 
Somewhere along the way, back about my sophomore year in high school, I got a horrible ear infection. It was bad. It was really bad. It was so bad that I had stuff coming out of that ear and the infection perforated my right ear drum. (Note:If we have ever met in real life & it looked like I was ignoring you, I probably just didn't hear you due to hearing loss.) In the process of this infection, I also lost some fluid in my inner ear. From that moment on, roller coasters were the enemy. 
Recently I decided to stop being such a baby and try to ride coasters again. Ignoring the full on panic attack that happens isn't easy, but I did it. It's hard to say what happens when I start freaking out, but my brain goes to dark places and worst case scenarios. 
Then I saw THIS yesterday....

Woman's fatal fall from Six Flags coaster probed

And now my mind has some more ammo with which to freak me out! Much love & healing to the family who's mother lost her life in front of them! And yes, I know that there is only 4.3 accidents per every 1,000,000 park visitors in the US per year, and that those accident include everything from a splinter in the finger to death, but damn it man! The lady fell OUT OF THE COASTER! And that was after she BROUGHT ATTENTION TO THE FACT HER LAP BAR DIDN'T LATCH RIGHT!!! Cheese & crackers! How am I supposed to have personal growth with THAT hovering out there!???!

Uh... I gotta go do my calming breath exercises now!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


So, when HHH came home today he was muttering something about "eye bleach" and "scorched earth" while shaking his head. I wasn't sure what he was talking about until I heard him mumble Gramma. That's when I knew he was talking about our most recent neighbors.
About 3 months after we moved in here, the people in the end unit bought a house and moved away. The Landlord's son & his wife who lived next to us took their unit and new people moved into the unit that they had vacated. As someone who has lived their life trying to be an example of courteous apartment living thanks to HHH always working for the complexes, we are a quiet, respectful family, more so than you'd expect. Our neighbors haven't really been similarly inclined. They are loud. I have been awakened by arguments through the walls. They chain smoke on their back porch, which is ok I guess, but the smoke always wafts over to our porch and I can't enjoy my porch when that happens. All of that can be overlooked however, in the face of the fact that "Gramma" is the worst part of it all.

Meet Gramma....

Yes, that is a 50-ish older woman either sleeping or passed out on the front porch, legs askew, showing her goods to EVERYBODY on the block. I know it doesn't look like it, but she DOES have panties on. It didn't help. This woman wasn't on the original lease, but moved in with the neighbors 2 weeks after they originally moved in. She chain smokes in the common yard, littering her cig butts all over the ground, and creating a mound of crap. She sunbathes in next to nothing which I don't find very family friendly. Now this passed out display. No wonder HHH was asking for eye bleach! It isn't the worst neighbor infraction I have ever dealt with, but it has to be the most EW one!

Now... what is YOUR worst neighbor story?? Can you top THAT?!?!?!?

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Pup!

Someone's Daddy bought him a new bed with matching blankie & squeaky bone toy! 
That it one happy doggie!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Damn It.

Beach Path.

Soul sucking self doubt.

It's what's for dinner, and apparently, lunch and breakfast too.

I've been looking for another job ever since I finally stood up to the boss ladies at the green cleaning company about their shoddy management of day off requests. HHH said he was proud of me because not long ago I would have let them keep walking all over me, taking their BS till it literally made me sick inside. (It's happened before.) So I have been cruising the CL for a cleaning gig that wouldn't be such a kick in the gut. I applied to several singular gigs, thinking I could put together a schedule of individual clients and cobble out a job on my own. In the midst of looking for those jobs, I saw this.

Executive Housekeeper/Cook (Lutz, North Tampa)

Looking for a young, energetic, organized and very thorough Housekeeper who can keep a 10,000 sf house clean as well as handle laundry and cooking one main meal per day. We are looking for someone who is fast but very thorough, who knows how to clean correctly using the right materials and supplies and in proper sequences. This person needs to be well experienced with very high standards. Those applying must be truly professional in all cleaning and cooking skills and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. They will need to be fit and in good physical condition. This work will be done as an independent contractor, not as an employee. You will be well compensated and be able to service a truly wonderful family. All applicants please send resume, giving specifics regarding cleaning experience. And please include a photo of yourself and references.

In reality, it was just what I asked for. A house where I could be the Alice to their Brady Bunch. Where I could go, clean the hell out of the place, make a meal to leave in the oven, and be gone before the family arrived home. Perfect. Well, almost perfect. The ad does say the house is 10,000 square feet. 


I put in for that job on a lark because I had absolutely no chance. I have cleaning service experience, not housekeeper experience. I cooked in a quick service environment, not fine dining. I'm fit and in good physical condition, but by derby standards, not Hollywood standards (ie-I got a big butt and I cannot lie!) I never heard back from the people, but mostly I thought it was because they more than likely had more qualified people apply. I mean hell, the ad was placed on June 19th for goodness sakes!

Then I got this.

Hi Nicole,
Thank you for your earlier response to the ads we put on Craigslist. I am sorry for my terrible delay in responding.
Is this something you are still interested in? If so, when would you be available for an interview this week?
Thank you,

Um, ok. Maybe the first candidate didn't work out? I don't know. I was elated at first. It pays really damn good, but then

Self doubt.

I answered the ad asking for a chance to interview and set it up, but really? I knew I wasn't going. Later Friday afternoon I emailed back and cancelled and apologized for wasting their time. I just couldn't take the rejection. I've gotten a lot of that lately, and honestly? I didn't want to see the, "You're a nice lady but we don't want you", look again. Worse yet, I didn't want to get the job and let said family down when it became too much for me to handle.

There's something wrong with me, isn't there? I just hope the light at the end of the tunnel isn't a freight train!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Do You Wanna Take My Picture?

I got a new photo editing app for my phone. 


I think I may like using this one. I'll edit my pics for the "book"! Plus, it reminded me of one of my fave songs ever!

Friday, July 5, 2013


Well, yesterday went well despite, or actually because, of the rain. Florida has been in a low pressure trough and it has rained and/or stormed almost all day. It worked out for 3 reasons:

  1. With all the trees, grass, and buildings damp, there was little to no fire danger like we usually have at this time of year.
  2. The rain kept most of our moronic neighbors in the apartment complex next door from setting their apartments on fire. (Remember, they've done it twice already in the 8 months we've lived here.)
  3. Since the rain kept the morons at bay, it also meant that Nemo didn't piss himself freaking out at the loud booms outside.
I mean, look at this face...

... why would anyone want to cause that cutie pie distress?

So, all in all, it was a pretty good July 4th. Hope you had a good time too!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


I hope all my American friends have a wonderful Independence Day! Remember to play safe, exercise caution with fireworks, and if you have had too much to drink, please call a cab! If you're in Florida this year, you can call AAA's Tow To Go. Tow To Go offers a safe, local ride within a 10 mile radius Throughout Florida and also Tennessee & Georgia!! Please be safe and have a blast.... just not like the photo below!

Happy 4th of July everybody!