Thursday, June 13, 2013

What The Fuck?

I can deal with a lot of bullshit.

I have taken my Ex husband's bullshit.
My parent's bullshit.
Doctor's bullshit.
State of Florida's bullshit. 
School bullshit.
Traffic bullshit.
Derby bullshit.
You get the idea bullshit.

One thing I learned? At 40 years old, taking other people's bullshit is an art I no longer want to do. As a famous (for 15 minutes) lady once said, "Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!"

I asked for today (Friday) off 2 weeks ago. I was told that they would try and I'd know when the schedule came out. Well, the schedule came out and this is what Friday looked like....

Says right there in black and white. Jessica off at noon, Nicole requested day off.  I thought I had the day off. Come Thursday, I text to make sure I am ok for next week and the Boss Lady says "No. We need you till 3:30 tomorrow."

What. The. FUCK?!?

I texted her back that the schedule said I was off. Any other time I was off by request it said the exact same thing. Boss Lady texted back too bad. I was beside myself. A good friend was going to be watching my baby Nemo and I needed to bring him over before 1pm. Now that was in jeopardy, which in turn put the whole weekend in jeopardy! I was already out $130 for the hotel, $60 for the reserved space at Typhoon Lagoon, and who knows what other $$ and for what? $40 I'd make at work? Uh no.

I tried to do it right by calling Boss Lady #1 (whom I had been texting) and tell her in person I'd be bringing my shirts to the base the next day. She sent me straight to voicemail. Ok then. I called Boss Lady #2 instead and said I'd be sending my shirts in and thank you for the confusing, unsatisfying employment. 

So, in my time with Go Green Clean Team of Fishhawk Ranch:

  1. I was treated like crap by the Consuelas.
  2. I had tips kept from me by the Consuelas till I caught on.
  3. I got the crappiest jobs because I was new.
  4. Now even though I have more seniority than Penny, she was getting a day off over me.
No More. 

And to make it even more choice of a situation, after I had dropped off my shirts at Boss Lady #2's house, Boss Lady #1 text's me back saying  

"You're quitting with no notice over tomorrow? Nice. I am not able to call you tonight, but will tomorrow!"

Really?!? You're going to threaten me with a scolding because you fucked ME over? Oh no. I am done with their bullshit. I texted Boss Lady #2 and asked if my last check could be direct deposited then mentioned I did not want Boss Lady #1 calling me anymore. I am so over their confusing, wires crossed management. They still have my predecessor anyway and now that she has a car again, they can rehire her and deal with her lackluster cleaning! 

Bullshit? I have not the time for that anymore! 

I have a waterpark to go to! Happy Anniversary to me! (& HHH!)

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Megan said...

I'm sorry this happened. You hear so many employers complain about not being able to get good help, and then you hear how the good help get treated and it all makes sense.

Maybe you should start your own cleaning service. Just you. And maybe a trusted friend if you need help. Start small - go for a different market - people like me who can't afford most maid service, but would maybe like to have someone come in once a month or so and do thos jobs that forgotten about - dust on the plant shelves, the baseboards, etc.