Saturday, June 15, 2013


So the fam and I headed to Typhoon Lagoon today. We had never been there. Last year we went to Blizzard Beach all the time, but in the interest of being adventurous we decided to change things up. It was evident that TL is smaller. The rental spots were squashed closer together. There weren't as many rental spaces available. The slides were incredibly short. It was easy to see that Disney built the water park, then studied what did & didn't work and applied that knowledge to Blizzard Beach when they were building it. 

The one thing that did have us coming back again and again was the shark reef. Yes I said SHARK REEF! They have a small man made reef that you can snorkel over and see tropical fish, sting rays & SHARKS! We did it quite a few times. After the third time, HHH and I spotted a guy at a booth out front who told us for $20 each we could use an air tank and spend a lot more time on the special pool next to the regular snorkel pool! 


We jumped all over that! After paying the fee, getting strapped into the tank vest, and receiving our instruction, we were off. It was weird at first, but once I adjusted it was AWESOME! There were MORE fish, MORE rays, and MORE SHARKS in the pay to play pool! I even high 5'd a ray about 4 times while in there. The fish weren't even scared of us. They pooled around us, under us beside us and even with us. With the air tank, we were allowed to swim around until we got to the reserve portion of our air tanks. In the free pool, they make you swim straight across the pool and get out pretty quickly. We were in the pay pool for a good 15-20 minutes. It was amazing. 

And the only bad part was hearing HHH say the quote above from "50 First Dates" no less that 35 times all day.

Fair trade, I'd say!


Poppy said...

Happy anniversary!!!!!

HotHunkyHubby11 said...

Sharks, they only bite if you touch their private parts.