Friday, June 21, 2013

The Hunt

So I'm looking for a new cleaning gig and I just have to tell you.....

Some of these people who post jobs are out of their ever loving MINDS!

I saw a job that asked for me to use my own car (normal) AND buy all my own supplies and use my own vacuum. Uh... no. A REAL cleaning service would have all the supplies for us to use to assure clients the same good job would be done every time. That ad was basically a guy wanting to be a dispatcher.  I also saw a job that asked for a personal maid for 2 days a week for whole household cleaning for only $7/hr. Yeah. Hire a cleaning service. I imagine the poster wasn't going to pay taxes or federal medical, etc.... But this one HAS to be my favorite!

"Young, physically fit man needed for house cleaning two times a week. Must be in good shape, muscular, and willing to do all house cleaning in the nude while I watch! Cleaning should take around 5 hours each day and compensation is $20 per hour. Please reply with photo and resume'."

Yeah, you read that right. I didn't think I qualified for that one. This guy might though...
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Anywhoo, there were  a few ads that weren't insane, and I put in for those. Still, I may have to look outside of cleaning, or put in my own ad. Who needs an Alice or Hazel to clean their house, do their laundry, cook a meal & leave it warm in the oven for when you get home? 

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