Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sofa King

I cleaned a house today for 10 hours. The woman said she just needed a normal clean ha ha! She needed a whole deep clean! That house was nasty and HUGE! Rat droppings, dog pee, and dust everywhere!  I worked my ass off for those people!! I made $100. The people were VERY happy. I didn't get to all the rooms, but hopefully they'll have me back again. They could use a monthly cleaning lady!

And now I'm Sofa King Tired!

UPDATE: Now that I have had some rest here's the breakdown of yesterday. The house I cleaned? A mansion on the waters of Tampa Bay. B-E-A-utiful house in an exclusive neighborhood. Marble floors, hand carved grand staircase, antique furniture.... you get the picture. I guess the best word to describe it is neglected. Being right on the water, it had a rodent problem. I never saw any of them, but I saw their leavings when I vacuumed. I worked my ass of in that house. I went from room to room cleaning them from top to bottom. My entire house could have fit in their master bathroom! I cleaned the equivalent of 3 regular houses. I was bone tired when I finished, but the woman I cleaned for was extremely happy. She mentioned having me back again to clean the rooms she didn't have me do yesterday. Yay, I guess?


Megan said...

Ew. But hey, it's a start. And $10 an hour is not too shabby.

If you had just a few clients, you could probably do well on your own.

Anyway, good luck on your interview today!

Bubblewench said...

Need to up the price...