Sunday, June 9, 2013

Second Chance Dance.

After last weekend's fiasco at the RV dealer, I had been content to write that same dealership off and never go back. I truly believed that they would not want to help us considering how we were blown off by the salesman and then the internet contact person. Then, on Monday, I got an email from the internet Manager asking if I was happy and were they doing a good job.


I wrote him back...

Well, to tell you the truth Jason, We have decided to look elsewhere for an RV, and I'll tell you why.

We went to your establishment on Sunday, 6/2/13. We arrived at about 3 or 4pm. After initially getting lost we found the main building where we parked and got out to look at your offerings. (I have to tell you, we are looking for a pre owned RV with a small budget.) After seeing your new inventory, my husband approached a salesman and asked about pre owned inventory. A rather young looking fellow, Joe, took us to the main building and got us a map to show us where the pre owned RV's were. There was no effort made to take us over and show us the inventory in person. Just a map and a good luck. 
We went over to the opposite side of the road to look at the inventory. There were no prices listed, so we had no idea if an RV was in our budget range. As we were looking at the RV's, we saw other people being chauffeured by salesmen in golf carts with bottled water. THEN we saw Joe, the original salesman we spoke to, helping another couple! What was so bad about us that we didn't merit help? Did we look poor? Did we not have a big enough budget? Was our goal of an RV to take to weekend trips to Disney not good enough? I guess so. Then, to top everything off, as we were exiting one of the 5th wheels on the pre owned lot, the stairs shifted underneath me and I fell... OUT OF THE RV! The attached photo shows the bruise I attained to my left forearm from the railing that also shifted underneath me. 

So now let's review: 
1.No one to show us around. 
2. No prices posted. 
3.Our original salesman picked other people to help. 
4. I literally FELL out of an RV, hurting myself. 

We even tried to look up the prices of the RV's we liked on your website. I put in a contact request & was promptly called back by Lily, but then she said she could have Joe (yes the same Joe) call me back with pricing information.(I mentioned falling and Lily did apologize, but had little else to say.) I declined that offer and asked for someone else to call us. Lily then said she would have someone call me the next day after 9am. I agreed. And I waited. And waited. And waited. No one called. 

So unfortunately, We will be looking elsewhere for an RV. It upsets me that we were basically judged by our appearance. I hope you will ask your sales staff to treat everyone more respectfully in the future.

Then the ass kissing began. 

I got a phone call almost immediately after sending that email. The guy, Jason, asked me to explain what happened and I told him again how we were blown off, ignored, and then hurt on their property. He apologized profusely and asked if we'd give them a second chance. He would set us up with a salesperson who would personally take care of us and show us what we wanted. I told him I'd have to ask HHH and that I'd get back to them. HHH wasn't going to be interested. He said he'd never go back. I told HHH about the email and the call, and he was actually amenable to going back, so I emailed we were available for Saturday afternoon.

We got there and a nice lady came out and showed us around the place. She showed us the mechanics shop, the cabinet shop, the upholstery shop, the switch lot, the campground on site, and the pre-owned lot. She showed the kids all kinds of RV's because they thought RV-ing was a tent  with a bucket to poop in. She then asked for our budget and, after we told her what it was, proceeded  to only show us RVs that were $2000 to $4000 over that budget. She never showed us the one we had originally asked about that was in our budget.

We can't win.

We were nice. We thanked the woman who helped us. We left. It was an informative visit. I learned a lot about what I do and do not want in an RV for our family. We have already figured out that we will probably be shopping from Craigslist or the newspaper, (They still have those, right?), for our RV as the prices weren't inflated like at that dealer. 

So, sorry LazyDays RV... Thanks for trying again. Hope you can sucker someone else next time. I have lovely bruises to remember you by!