Monday, June 10, 2013


So, I haven't been writing every day like I used to ever since I got a job. When I get home I'm tired from cleaning up after people who are old enough to know how to do that themselves, and what little energy I do have left I save for my family. Anywhoo, here's a short list of stuff that's happened lately... 

  • I have terrible tree karma. Today, Penny & I were returning from a no show client down the main road to get back to base so we could clean up & go home. Not ten minutes later as I was driving back down the same road to go home traffic came to a full stop as a TREE had fallen across the road, effectively blocking traffic. A sheriff's deputy and a few rednecks in their oversized pick up truck made quick work of the tree by moving it off the roadway so traffic could travel through again. See? Bad tree karma.
  • We went to a completely different RV dealership on Sunday. After giving LazyDays 2 chances we decided to look at their biggest competitor, Camping World. We were once again up front with the gentleman who was helping us (Mike Mayberry, awesome right?), by telling him exactly what our budget was, what we were hoping to find and the man actually LISTENED TO US! He looked for things on their lot that fit in our budget and even told us up front if we wouldn't be able to afford something!! Finally! See LazyDays? THAT'S how you treat a customer!
  • Sunday is my 9th wedding anniversary! 9! 9!! And that includes the 14 years we have been together!! How are we going to celebrate? By going to WDW with the family and spending Saturday at Typhoon Lagoon! 
  • Work has been hit or miss lately. Friday we did a partial clean on a client who should have been a full clean. Then today we did a partial initial clean, but there were 3 different versions of what we were supposed to do. Boss Lady 1 said to do A B C & D, Boss Lady 2 said we needed to do E F G & H, and the client wanted us to do it all!  WTF? Those ladies need to start speaking to each other. 
  • Summer vacation has begun for my kids. I am hoping the house is still standing when I get home from work!
And that's about it for now.

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Megan said...

Conflicting directions are such a pain to deal with. I don't envy you that.

Congrats on nine years; have fun at the park!