Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Funny Moments.

Went to Disney last weekend for our 9th anniversary.

Here are a few moments of hilarity.

  • While walking to through the Magic Kingdom, my family and I were trying to make towards the exit before the afternoon rains when I suddenly yelled "DUCK!" and after we all ducked a real duck literally flew within inches of my head. Then I had to yell twice more because 2 more ducks flew RIGHT AT MY HEAD! I had the other people in that section of the park laughing like mad at the situational comedy I was laying down!
  • Went to the Mad Tea Party to ride the tea cups with my kids and as we were approaching the line a cast member was announcing that the ride was temporarily offline and he didn't know when it would be fixed. We got in line anyway and watched group after group leave the line till we were up front. Then, not 5 minutes later, a guy walked over, pushed 1 button, and fixed the ride! Bonus!
  • While eating at a local pizza place, I was casually munching on my gluten free salad when all of a sudden I hear a huge crash behind me. The 95 year old grandma, who was more than a little senile and practically abandoned by her family she arrived with, had been trying to carry a bowl of marinara, a plate of bread sticks, and a 32oz soda! My backside was now wearing marinara sauce, bread sticks, and soda. Whoo hoo!
  • The kids and I were taking a picture Mike & Sulley from MU and as we were leaving I went to walk to the exit and suddenly WHAM! Sulley decks me and knocks my sunglasses off my head! OW! Always remember! They can't really see well out of those suits!
And here were a few things that I wasn't so fond of.

  • When we were at Hollywood Studios we were in line to take a photo with Stitch (Eldest's fave) and the family before us had a small girl, maybe about 3 or 4 years old. The mom kept asking the little girl to go up to Stitch, but the little girl was scared. Finally the mom literally snatched up the little girls arm and WRENCHED her over to the character. Great. That's going to be a great memory for the little girl. Have patience people!
  • Purposefully rude families. They were everywhere. Just because you have an event going on and you're all wearing the same t-shirt doesn't give you the right to steamroll everyone else at the theme park.  
  • Park visitors that won't listen to the cast members. Disney employs these people for a reason. They are to help you have a fun, safe day. As we exited a tram on Sunday, the tram guy specifically said to exit the tram to the driver's right side. 2 women didn't listen. They got out on the left into traffic and the guy almost had to go over to them and tell them to reenter the tram and exit on the correct side! It was torture! Just do what the people tell you, ok?

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