Saturday, June 29, 2013

Culture Shock!

You all have seen Eldest, right? Yeah she's absolutely GORGEOUS! See...

Well, she's in a summer program for 4 weeks to learn about real world applications of science and technology that she can start in high school. Last Thursday, the program took a trip to Busch Gardens to attend a lecture given by the ride engineers about how their physics & mathematics classes led them to such a cool job. At the conclusion of the lecture, the kids were let loose in the park for the rest of the day! (Eldest LOVED the lecture.)

After the kids were free in the park, Eldest and her group were in line for one of the rides when suddenly a strange teen boy appeared. In very broken English he explained he was from Brazil and here in Florida with a tour group. He then started to profess his infatuation with her beauty. Needless to say, Eldest was embarrassed. She tried being polite, but this guy was persistent. Finally Eldest's group was about to get on the ride and the boy asked if Eldest would kiss him good bye on both cheeks. He explained that was how his country said bye. Eldest wasn't falling for it. Apparently the boy followed her around the park like a puppy!  She was so mortified. Finally, it was time for all the kids to meet the Program Director to head back to the school and boy was Eldest ready to go!

After she explained all this to HHH & I, I said to her "Well, just think about how much courage it took for a boy from a different country, who didn't speak the language very well, to go up to a beautiful American girl and ask for a kiss." To which she replied, "Yeah mom, but I don't know where his cheeks have been!" I almost laughed myself silly! I told her to just take it in stride. 

And don't fall for any foreign "customs"!

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Cissa Fireheart said...

That really is how they do it in many Latin American countries, kiss on both cheeks. I know this from experience! But good on her for sticking to her guns! While flattering, I can see how that would be creepy too!