Friday, May 17, 2013

What Ever Happened To...

....School banquets?

Eldest had her Track Banquet tonight. It was at Golden Corral. We had to pay for her to eat & drink. There were no awards given out with the exception of letters & pins. I was shocked. Apparently, this is now the norm for school banquets. If the parents don't pay for it, it doesn't happen.

When I was in school, we had our banquets at the school with either catered food, or food specifically purchased from the school, but better quality than regular lunch food. We had awards, presentations and a big cake to celebrate a year well accomplished. Apparently, that isn't how things are done anymore. Now the banquet has been reduced to a meet up at a buffet, and "Here's your letter." with absolutely no presentation what so ever. And the kicker for me is, Eldest and her track team sold t-shirts and hoodies to supposedly "Raise money" for this banquet, yet we still had to pay?!? WTF is that all about!?! Where did the $135 from all the stuff Eldest sold go? Why wasn't it applied to the kid's banquet bill? 

I can't believe that the state of schools today means the kids have to give up something that HHH & I got as a right of passage in High School. It makes me sad. 

Also, I am calling that track coach Monday and asking where the fundraising money went! 

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