Saturday, May 18, 2013


I'm cheap.

No, not like that, (although I am a cheap date), but more to the point, I do NOT like paying lots of money for the things I want. Rather than hire a clown or a balloon entertainer, I learned how to make balloon animals myself for my children's birthdays when they were younger. (I was a big hit at Chucky Cheeses that year!) Rather than pay tons of money for themed cakes for birthdays and anniversaries, I learned how to do it myself for pennies on the dollar. If I want my rooms painted, I get the stuff and d it myself. If we want the floors updated, we buy the stuff and do it ourselves as well. You get the picture.

Today it was our bathroom's turn.

We needed space, namely shelf space. With 5 of us sharing a single bathroom, counter space is at a premium! Shelves aren't cheap though. Folks out there want $10 to $30 for a shelf depending on how fancy it is. I usually don't want to pay that kind of scratch, so I went to my go to spot... IKEA! I am a pro at the "As-Is" section of IKEA. That's the scratch and dent section near the registers. Several months ago we bought some doors to a cabinet in the as-is and several brackets, and made some shelves out of them! Worked so well we thought we'd try again. Off to IKEA we went.

Once there, we wove our way to the as-is portion of the store. No small feat considering the giant habitrail that is IKEA, but we made it and instantly started picking over the doors and shelves. First, we found this gem for $15...
It is a glass shelf that was 50% off because it has 3 small scratches on it. Can you see them in the photo? Yeah, I can't either. Their loss, my gain. Then we found a small white shelf that looked nice....
It didn't have any hardware with it, (which is why it was $.50!) so we backtracked to the shelving dept. to look at some brackets for it. The metal ones we picked out worked well and can double as washcloth holders. I banished Eldest's stuff to this new shelf. Now she will be able to find everything she needs and I'll have more space on the counter top.

Last, (and this one was really a whim), I saw this medium sized pot rack on the shelves in the as-is section...
It was also missing some hardware and was only $4. We picked it up, and repurposed it into a towel rack! It looks delightfully whimsical. The craptastical ones that came with the apartment and now in the dumpster!

So yeah, I am a cheap ass woman when it comes to buying stuff, but I am a recycling goddess when I need to be! So, for around $30 I got to make my bathroom look much more organized.

Next project: Organizing the bedroom!

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