Saturday, May 25, 2013

Tampa Margarita Festival

Won tickets to the Tampa Margarita Festival that was this weekend. It was pretty cool. We were the second people in the gates and here's what we saw...

We had to check in to get in by showing them our ID's and tickets. The event had sold out, so there were no more tickets to buy, and that left a LOT of people disappointed. Once you showed them your ticket & ID, you got a bracelet and could go into the gate.

There  were police at the gate to make sure ticket holders got in & no alcohol got out too!

We found a nice place in the shade and sat there to listen to the live music & rest up after doing a swag lap around the park. 

There were also hot boys playing shirtless volleyball!

I was repping the Psycho 78's with their pin.

And there was a guy there selling ice pops in the most awesome of flavors! On a hot day in the park, those ice pops really cooled us off!

We picked the Strawberry Mango one & it was so freakin' good!

I was repping Wicked Skatewear with my Wicked sunglasses!

So, all in all, the Tampa Margarita Fest was awesome! I'm so glad I entered the give away on Jenny's blog. It was such a lucky break. 

And I was so glad to have gotten to spend it with my great hubby, HHH too!

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Nanna said...

How fun! We need a Margarita Festival!