Monday, May 13, 2013

Stuff & Nonsense!

  • There are still kittehs in the tree outside. Now they play king of the tree. I keep waiting for it to rain kittens down upon us. Momma cat saw us watching them the other day and gave us the EVIL EYE.
  • End of school is upon us and the parties are starting to roll in. Today Jr. came home with an invitation for me from the school to a special breakfast to honor all the parents who volunteered over the year.(Technically I was a volunteer, but really I was given the choice of "Volunteer to go on the field trip or your diabetic kid gets left out." so I didn't really count it since it was really blackmail.) It's at 8am TOMORROW. I have no way to tell my work I need to come in late because the schedule has already been made. Gee, thanks school system. I feel so honored.
  • Still cleaning out people's toilets for a living. I actually like it. There's something satisfying about taking a pigsty of a house and making it showroom clean that just speaks to me. Now if I could just get my co workers to be less bitchy....
  • IMAX 3D rocks out loud. No, really.... IT WAS REALLY LOUD! I guess they want you to be totally immersed in the movie and by God, you are going to FEEL the movie through the overly loud sound system. I do recommend seeing a movie in IMAX however. It was excellent! Ironman 3 kicked ass! 
And that's all I have for now.... but the week is young yet!

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