Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Last night, we had a terrible storm. Torrential rain, lightning, the works. It was all ignorable till


The power died. 

We figured it was a quick deal like always till HHH walked out to the main street and saw a huge piece of tree was laying across the lines part way down the street. I checked the electric company website from my phone and saw that we were already called in as a power outage, so it was just a matter of waiting.

And waiting sucks when your kids are addicted to electrical toys!

Xbox, computers, tablets, wifi, smart TVs.... it was all dead. Suddenly, without warning....

We had to TALK to each other!

At first everyone was just asking me what the weather was saying because I pulled up the Weather Channel and had the storm map on. Then we started playing games. First we played the game where you whisper a sentence to the person next to you, then they whisper the sentence to the person next to them, etc, etc, etc, and you see  at the end if the sentence changed or not. That lasted about 15 minutes. Then HHH brought out the Big Bang Theory board game and that's when things got interesting. By candle light and flashlight we played BBT Trivia. It was a close game. Even the kids were answering the questions correctly! (The object is to answer a fact or fiction question correctly and get a character card, then collect all the characters first to win!) And you know what? It was fun. My family and I were all sitting in the same room, laughing, talking, playing a game together in the dark. 

Then Pling! A few hours later the power suddenly turned back on. And in minutes it seemed like the kids were back to arguing where minutes before they were laughing. 

Figures. So the moral to this story? We all need to unplug for a while each week. I think it will be good for us. 

Also? We watch waaaaaay too much Big Bang Theory!!

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