Monday, May 6, 2013


Sunday night was.... interesting. 

It started out ok. HHH & I went to sleep at a decent hour. All was quiet, until SCREECH...HONK! I woke up out of a sound sleep wondering what the hell was going on. I hopped out of bed and walked to the front door in time to hear, "YOU A GOD DAMN LIE! I DIDN'T WALK IN FRONT OF NO CAR!" It seems two drunkards were walking down the sidewalk when they decided to cross the street right in front of a cop car!! The screech & honk was the cop car trying not to hit their fool asses. The cop by this time had stopped them and was trying to figure out what the hell they were doing. The drunks were LOUDLY protesting that they did NOT walk out in front of a vehicle almost causing a wreck. It was a tale from the redneck hills if you ask me, but no matter what it was, it was keeping me awake with the flashing lights, loud yelling, and even louder radio. Sigh... 

Then, after I finally did go back to sleep later on in the early morning, I was nudged out of that sleep by a mewing sound. It sounded like a kitten in distress. First thought in my head was "Oh my fuckity fuck! Some damn cat got into the roof & had babies!" It even woke up Mo & Eldest. I got up again, listening closely, and realized the mewing sound was coming from outside. I peered out of the blinds into the darkness and didn't see any kittens. Finally, after day broke, I went to look in the trees in the parking lot and sure enough, there were 3 kittens in the huge oak tree! Mama cat had found a place to hide her babies away from predators! Ingenious! 

Now I'm just hoping Monday night is a little more tame, because I sure as hell need the sleep! 

So my night went lousy. How was yours?

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